My name is Amanda Knight and I believe in the power of words. Our individual stories are one of the most powerful tools we have. The words we choose create ripple effects with enormous impact. We need to choose well and wisely, if we're going to make a positive impact on the world we live in. I enjoy helping others reach their highest potential by making sure we tell our stories well. 

I'm a wife and mother of two living in the Deep South. I spend several hours each week directing a local after school program and working with students in kindergarten through 8th grade in the pursuit of academic achievement, community service, and personal development. I am passionate about helping students understand that they CAN do hard things - that they really can learn anything. 

Helping students read and learn to write well always reminds me of how much I enjoyed words as a kid. My grandmother passed her vintage copies of The Nancy Drew series to me when I was 8 years old and my love of books and the power of words to communicate has never left me. I still strive to read 52 books each year - some just for fun and others to make me think. Life needs a little of both! I appreciate unexpected plot twists, good dark chocolate, iced coffee, and sarcastic humor.

Back to the important stuff...My love of words naturally led me to earn degrees in the field of communication. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Interpersonal Communication from Trevecca Nazarene University  in 2005 and went on to earn a Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership from Park University in 2009.  Since, I've worked in the fields of retirement planning and insurance while consistently investing my time to mentor students and teenagers.  As my students have moved on to high school and college, they've continued to ask for my help proofreading and editing academic writing, resumes, and letters. So, I decided to deepen my word skills and earned a General Proofreading certification through Proofread Anywhere. Each of these degrees has provided me with the experience and education needed to help others (just like you!) communicate well about the things that matter most to them - to create the right kind of ripples. Let me help you make your voice heard above all the noise out there. In a world where everyone is talking but often saying very little, I'm ready to help you say something meaningful. 

You can learn more by viewing the Credentials tab, find me on Facebook at Knight Proofreading, or view my profile on Upwork here.  Thanks for visiting. I look forward to working with you!